This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

ATLAS CMake: Setup

This lesson builds on the AnalysisPayload program developed in the ATALS GitLab lesson. To continue, you will need to have a working version of it.

If you had any issues working on your own project, you can always fork the example from the usatlas-computing-bootcamp/v4-gitmodule-submodule-jetselector-simplecmake GitLab repository.

Quick Start

Start your docker image with

docker run --rm -it -w /home/atlas/Bootcamp -v \
    $PWD:/home/atlas/Bootcamp atlas/analysisbase:21.2.85-centos7 \
    bash -c 'cp -r ssh-credentials ~/.ssh; cp gitconfig ~/.gitconfig ; bash'

Clone the starting point using

git clone --recursive ssh://